Friday, September 15, 2006

Shot breakdown and more pre-production rambling

So I'm still working on the shot breakdown here for Wake Up, but a quick conversation with two people secured the last of the locations. My crew is nearly complete, I just need people to hold things during the shoot now, really, which can frankly be anyone. On that front, everything's going great.

Today in class we discussed storyboards, which is loosely what I'm doing with a shot breakdown (it's more of a mix). Since I have no real talent to draw, I decided that it's much more useful to take digital photos with stand-ins to more properly show what I'm describing. It's a stroke of real genius for me, in my own opinion, since I can't draw, can't afford a real storyboarder, and don't know anyone that likes to do it that'll do it for free (although I've heard rumblings - either way, it's not important anymore). I've still got to fill out the sound technician spot, which is a huge overimportant title for a really unimportant job - you're basically the boom-mic operator - at least in this film.

Obviously, actors and actresses are the biggest hurdle, and so far I haven't even started to look. I wanted to do that last weekend, but finding a prof that'd check over the screenplay, which we also discussed today, sort of pushed things back till at least next Monday.

With the shot breakdown, although still in its infancy, I'm starting to get a stylistic feel for the film. I'm utilizing space a whole lot, trying to push the characters away - and deliberately keeping the audience from identifying with the supporting characters. That's all I'll reveal for now, though.

It's occurred to me now that I still haven't described Wake Up at all - so my next blogging will be dedicated to this mysterious film I've been rambling out. And I PROMISE, that within the next week I'll have some visual content up to feast your eyes on.


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