Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beef stew & other worldly delights

Well, the festival has passed; and sad to say, so has my opportunity to be in it. It's slightly perplexing to me, because my film wasn't selected, but everyone that was on the selection committee that's seen it evidently thought it was awesome; or at least liked it. So I'm confused as to how the people selecting the films all have sung its praises (to me, at least) but didn't get it in.

I was planning to go to the festival itself, but on Friday night I missed the bus down and on Saturday, I got the time wrong for the matinée, finding out about it only 5 minutes before it was actually starting, and the night screening I was far too drunk/nobody I was with wanted to go/it was St. Patrick's Day, so I missed that too. But for the winners, there was no surprises. The guy that always cleans up cleaned up, and the guy that usually wins the rest of the awards won the rest of the awards. Not to take anything away from anyone else's stuff that was in the festival; they undoubtedly worked hard to get their stuff in and deserved to be there; although from reviews, maybe not as much as some other films. I didn't go though, so I can't judge - and I'm still happy for everyone that did have their work screened.

Regardless, I sent it to another festival and got rejected (meh, I knew that was coming for that one), and there's two others I plan on submitting too. On the plus side, the hype I generated around my film with a preview I made is paying off; I've had a collection of people ask how and when they can see my short. So I've learned I can generate hype. As a result, the Film Society I belong to at the University is screening it on the University theatre along with the other submissions, so I'll get a limited exposure, but exposure nonetheless.

As for actually getting it online, my good friend at Monkey Molestor graciously offered to host it for me, so when that's up and running online, I'll link it up/get it on YouTube and offer it up here. Shouldn't be very long, since I know he's ripped it already.

Moving on, I've started to brainstorm towards my next short, but I plan on having this one be FAR more integrated with it once I get it going; I've got a comic (for one of my classes) that is based around the idea, I'm going to write a short story, and then of course, screenplay and shoot it. This'll be another one of my suicidal projects that'll put me next to broke, but it's way off in the future so I can worry about that later.

I also caught wind of a screenwriting job, volunteer, but actually within the industry. I don't know how many applicants they'll be but it's the perfect time for me, so I'm going to apply and see if I can get some real-world, actual experience. We'll see how that goes. I'm not holding any hopes, but then again it's an indy group that emailed the Administrator of Western's FILM Department, a 'deep' roster of 60 enrolled students out of 35000 on campus. Lookout.

Anyway, that's about all for now; there's still the countdown to finish, which I eventually will, probably all at once, but I've already failed on my "don't make it a long-ass countdown". Damn.


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