Tuesday, August 28, 2007

End of summer clusterfuck

So, it appears I haven't posted in three months. Shocking, but not really. Until recently I hadn't done dick all to write about, and was far too consumed with working on the weekends and rampant alcoholism during the week. However, I'll have you know that as I enter into another depressing year of University, it comes with a grain of salt because I've landed/been given uncontested the Executive position in the film department for the student film club. It's usually a pile of shit, but this year we've actually got off our asses and done some real work, trying to get industry professionals to come in and host workshops. If anyone from UWO accidentally finds this blog and happens to take a film class, you'll likely meet me in the next few weeks; with any luck I'll get some photos up and some videos of the student's work and my own and there'll (it's a word dammit!) be some actual content.. stay posted, cause usually when I switch back into University mode I'll get some rants going about films and whatnot.. and maybe, I'll actually find a way to update this blog regularly!... HA!


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