Friday, May 06, 2011

At long last

Unbelievable. Dana is finally complete. And while we've only just begun to submit to some festivals, it's a strange feeling to have that grueling 2 years towards a project done. It's truly difficult to think that I spent two years on 15 minutes of film. And it's a drop in the bucket to filmmaking, really. As proud as I am of what I've done, and the multitude of times I bankrupted myself just to raise more money and re-bankrupt myself to get through the latest portion of the film, being finished really puts in all into perspective.

There truly is times on the project when you can feel like it'll never be over. And when you work so hard on things, like the 21 hour days we pulled on set to the 3 straight months of editing, followed by the months of visfx and audio editing, soundtrack, etc... for a first timer it really felt that no matter how much I had got done, there was always another thing that would be right around the corner that would demand just as much time and energy as the last, brutally difficult portion.

It really is no surprise how this industry can destroy dreams. The very craft takes so long from start to completion that if you're not dedicated and determined enough you won't stand a chance from the beginning.

There is a great feeling though, when you realize it's finished. With me, this took 3-4 days just to sink in... the initial response is just relief. And although this film is by far the best creation I've ever done, it's now up to the festivals to decide it's worth.

Of course, raising money for those festivals is also another aspect to consider. However, with the help of and some unique ideas, I think that at long last, I'll be able to raise the money to get the project's festival submissions done properly.

There's also that trailer, which is being worked on as I type, and the imdb page, which is being considered for approval (thanks to my TIFF submission being acknowledged).

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