Sunday, March 09, 2008

Waiting for the call

Wow, I'm surprised it's nearly been a month - I thought I blogged more recently. But enough formalities (It seems I start every posting with this kind of opening...).

So, in all intensive purposes, One Way Out is COMPLETED!... kind of. I submitted the first cut to the festival; I'm fairly happy with it. There's a few audio dubs I'd like to redo, but one of them actually plays into the plot, amusingly enough. The score was good - there was only one track I didn't take - and the credits are credits - I'll be redoing those, but nobody's going to care about the one I have for now.

So now, I'm playing the waiting game. I find out Monday whether or not the OWO is in the festival - I've got my fingers crossed.

Of course, the submission didn't come without its regular share of drama. My DVD burner has been acting up on this computer, which I suspect is from a loose IDE cable. Course, it's under warranty, but by taking it in I'll have to lose access to it for at least a few days (probably more). In the crunch, not having a laptop kills. So I took my chances that it wouldn't disconnect.

And on Thursday night, it did just that. The film had to be submitted Friday afternoon. After a fit of rage, I transferred all the files to another computer - but classically, they had to re-conform it to the new editing program, which took 14 hours. So I went in and talked with the submission committee, and worked out a deal to submit it half a day late - officially, I submitted it on time. Unofficially.... well, yeah.

Fortunately, it all came together around 1AM Saturday, with a quality DVD copy. It was submitted an hour before my 'deadline', and all was good. So, back to the waiting game.

In the meantime, I'm taking a small break from doing anything with the film so I can finish school. With only 4 weeks left, and 3 months of work to do, I should probably make an half-assed effort to pick up my degree. I guess...

However, I'll still be working on the DVD extras (cause I don't have to do much's all other people! Huzzah!), and I should have a nice, actual DVD when it's all said and done. I haven't decided what I'm going to put on the extras, but photos will be there for sure, and some other stuff... but we'll see.

Of course, I'll put OWO up here soon - I don't want to put it up before the festival, in case it gets in. After that, free-for-all!

For now, here's a few more photos: Absorb!


EDIT: Evidently, blogger's not letting me put images up right now.... bastards.

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