Friday, September 01, 2006

It All Begins With an Idea

I've been meaning to start this for awhile. Approximately 8 months ago, I arbitrarily started up my own "studio" production name for the films I was going to make... based off a song I'd heard. But let's not get ahead of myself.

I'm a student filmmaker that's currently attending the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario. I'm in my third (of four) year of my major, which is shockingly enough, a Specialization in Film Studies. Here's the catch: It's a tiny major in a campus that specializes in Medical Studies and Business Studies, oh! And Business Law. I'm really out of place, considering the other students like I total about 40 out of 35000. And those that are specializing? About 10. So naturally, I'm in the wrong place. But I'm stuck here because I've already gone halfway so I might as well finish.

I have ambitions to make films, either as a director, an editor, or cinematographer. To be honest, I don't really know which I want to do more. I have a lot of idea and stories I'd love to tell - which leads me to want to become a director. But: I've been mastering digital editing since I got my hands on Adobe Premiere 4.1 when I was 17 - and I really enjoy editing and I've become quite good at putting things together, at least technically. So that favours editing. But I also space out a whole lot and when I think of a movie, either a box office one or a student film in my head - the things I remember most are types of shots I'd like. I'm a big fan of meaning through camera, and I frequently ignore dialogue in my previous films (or, I'll say.. film attempts) for the shots. So that's pushing me towards Cinematography.

Of course, there's a huge roadblock: I've got NO experience making an actual budgetted film, and the best camera I've ever used cost about $4500 dollars, which although sounds expensive, pails in comparision to professional equipment. The biggest crew I've ever worked on is about a 6 man crew, which is short of the usual... hundreds of people that work on "good" films. I lack knowledge of certain technicalities of filmmaking, particularly lighting. And I'd say that my major would help, but it's 95% theory, which makes me brilliant in the context - but not in the deliverance.

There's hope at the end of this tunnel - I'm enrolled in a course there that's all production, so over the next few months I should be crammed face-full of useful information. And there's some festivals I'm going to enter in over the next year that might help me get into.. well, some kind of education/actual film skills.

So, what's the purpose of this blog, you ask?

Well, it is here I will enthrall you with the tales of my filmmaking attempts. It will basically serve as my diary to write down every little thing I learn along the way, both in the on-set and off-set world. I know over the next year, I'll be much more involved in filmmaking than I ever have - and I'll be taking any reader along for the ride.

Course, I intend to post production stills, "behind the scenes" pictures, promo video blog posts, graphics, musings on the movie world, and anything else that relates.

Oh, and it goes without saying that I'll be sharing my finished products on this blog. I'm not doing these student films for money - I'm doing them to learn and to share everything I've done. My fortunate adeptness in editing is the first step - from here on out, it's where I buckle up and experience first hand the filmmaking world. My course starts Friday - my ideas have started months ago.

So sit back, watch/look, read, and enjoy!


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