Wednesday, November 08, 2006

6500 miles later....

So for anyone wondering, I have been remissed in my so-called consistent blogging in the recent weeks. It's been nearly three weeks since I threw a bunch of letters down on interspace for anyone to read - but at least I have a legitimate excuse for the first time ever. Over the last week, I was in England visiting relatives (and let's face it, consuming large quantities of alcohol). After my return flight was cancelled and rescheduled 4 times, I found myself back at home sweet London, Ontario, just yesterday, two days later than originally intended. And yes, I could have dropped part three of my production diary before I left, but I had schoolwork to catch up on, and hell, I just needed a quick break from thinking about Wake Up.

I put together a small 1 minute film that I shot over the course of a day just before leaving - it's not good and the quality sucks, but I may eventually post it if there's any interest, or if I just feel like it. But not today. And yes, I'll drop part three of the production soon too; I just have a ton of work to catch up on, namely two exams and a proposal.

I've also found myself broke to the utmost until at most January, when my loans finally give me some freedom with little responsibility, except that fatass 20K payback I owe the gov't. But enough about my sorrid situation: Onto the good news!

The November reshot didn't particularly work out for Wake Up, causing me to have to make it in January - which surprisingly, so far everyone's gone for, and I'm not complaining. So as of right now, we jump back into production Jan 13, and during that time I can start editing what I've got and start formulating some kind of physical image of this short. But during the gap;

I'm working on a short documentary - it's actually a project for my class but it could end up being really good, or absolute garbage. Time will tell; although I've got about 4 weeks to do everything (meh, I've done more with less). The topic: Student Protesting. I've lined up a couple interviews here and there, but surprisingly, student protest leaders are harder to get a hold of than anything else (you'd figure they'd want exposure, but fuck 'em).

I've also got another short 1 minute film I've got to shoot over the next week - yet another project, but this one will be fairly easy. I plan to shoot it next week. It's called Crackers, and I'm toying with the idea of making it a silent film, but I might toss a couple piano sounds in there to give it a rustic feel of the 1900's. It's mostly an excercise in the camera operation, which is why I chose a really simple topic. That'll be up before the end of the month.

Moving on; there's some more good news: I managed to pick up a small bar light set - seems simple and useless, no? But it works to put lights in small places where you can't have a huge light set - for example, windowsills. This little baby's perfect for acting as window light (like sunlight from a window). And of course, this just adds to my company's overall equipment (now a shocking TWO pieces), and it's overall value, which is still $0.

That's all for now; I know it's kind of a crap post, but at least I didn't die on the plane ride. And now I get the reward of an assload of work.


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