Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Way Out One Week

So here I am, one week from shooting, with a valuable update to drop.

I've finally assembled a good crew for shooting, established a workable budget, got the location down, selected my cast, and am but a day from having a workable animatic in place - leaving only two things left to do before the shoot: meet with my DP and Camera Op and discuss a shot schedule and the animatic, and pick up the materials for the claw in the film.

I've found that already, I've learnt a ton more about making films, and I'm not even shooting yet. For example, I actually am covering myself legally, getting the owner/building authority for my location to actually sign a location release form, which basically says I can do whatever I want with the building and the can't sue when I use it afterward. I've still got to do this with my cast and crew, but that won't be a problem. Suddenly, I see why professionals on real budgets hire producers, location scouts, and other people to deal with all this. It's a ton of running around, but it's good for me to do now so I know this all if I ever/when I actually get a budget in the professional world. I've already called in a million favours just to get to this stage, but it's definitely worth it so far; particularly considering the awesomeness I'm forseeing this film to be.

As for the claw: Since I've got a 'monster' in the film, I had to design a claw - rather than do that myself with my anti-drawing skills, I sequestered an artist, who coincidentally will be doing the poster design for my marketing afterwards, as well as being my supporting male character. Talk about a find there, eh? Anyway, for anyone that's following this, here's a sneak-preview of the claw drawing.


I'm forseeing the budget to come in around 1,800 funbucks, although with some luck it may be less. So that's another thing to chew around. I'll probably break the bank eventually, but with only a week to go it at least looks like everything's on track, and ready to fly soon!


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