Monday, July 07, 2008

Bullshit alarm!

Holy shit, talk about your crap-ass weeks.

On Monday, my bike was stolen from downtown while I was at a party. That certainly sucked, since it was a 700 dollar bike. Worse off, the security tapes showed the thief putting it in a van that was still there when I found out; all I had to do was write the plate down but I didn't.

Then, two days ago, while on assignment for my work, I lost my phone somewhere in the hotel room. I have no idea where it went because I searched the place up and down (including the fridges), with no luck. And yes, I tried calling it - but it was on vibrate - another kick in the face. And it's not like I can just go back to the hotel whenever - it's 200km away.

Then I get home to find that my window is smashed. Doesn't look like anything has been stolen, but I'm sure I'll find something missing.

I also spent all of Sunday heaving bile (on the job, so fortunately I got paid to do that), so I'm just waiting for the next disaster to strike. At least I've still got my camera equipment. Luckily, I took that with me.

Goddammit. So I'm out a grand, with 30K of debt. Woohoo!

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