Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movie time

So, I'm actually starting a new project for filming. Although I haven't posted One Way Out, I simply don't know how to compress it smaller. If someone can tell me of a small app or something that does that, let me know and I'll do it within a week of the message and post it up.

However, it will please anyone following this (I see SOME hits down there... if you read this or look at the pictures on a semi-regular or in-oft basis, do feel free to leave a comment) to know that I've started the script for my next film. It's a short, as well, but it's far more ambitious. I'll actually be looking for a producer, applying for funding grants, and quite likely building the camera for this. I'm thinking of running a budget of close to 5,000 dollars. It'll have some special effects (nothing major, obviously), one key makeup scene, and a tight editing style. Meanwhile, I've teamed up with my sister, who's a phenomenal writer that's won University awards, to write the story and make it sharper. I've got the outline together and I just started on the first act of the script. It's 5 acts in total, probably between 6-18 minutes (probably will end up being two cuts).

And what's the story about? Obsession.

More details to come as I progress.


PS: I'll still be posting pictures throughout.

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