Saturday, May 16, 2009

Step 4

Step 1: Think of Movie
Step 2: Write Script
Step 3: Panic
Step 4: Find Producer

This Was May 13th.

So, Step 4 achieved it's goal last Wednesday, as I had a meeting for said producer (who's named Carys). The meeting went well, as we both seemed to be on the same page for how to approach trying to fund this. For what it's worth, the vibe I got from her was that this was her first 'big' project as well - with some past smaller success. We outlined the parts of the budget that were filled in, and it quickly became apparent that the anticipated shoot date of September 2009 was just not a possibility. I need time to fill out the budget and pick up more crew, and she needed to research marketing potential and break down the dates for the costs.

So the shoot date was shifted back to June 1st, 2010. That may seem like a long time off, but after only 5 days from this meeting it already seems like it'll come down to the wire. On the plus side, London has come through to a certain extent: there's a media industry mingle this coming Friday, and I've just got my new business cards that are ready to be handed out en masse for this event. With any luck, I'll pick up one more department contact (costume, anyone? or maybe locations scout). At the very least, I'll be able to soak in a ton more information from other industrialists that have the fortunate curse of working out of London. That'll be downtown at The ARTS Project. In the never-ending irony that is my life, the company I currently work for will be delivering the a/v equipment to it that day for that event. I really hope I get to deliver it, and then show up to it a few hours later - that kind of thing always gives me a private satisfaction (through hilarity).

So with the shoot date pushed back a year and 0 of 10K raised, and a budget half-completed (and that's just the rough), it really feels like I've only took the first few steps up the mountain. However, at least the steps are forward.

In other project updates, I've got a storyboard that is currently being developed, and I've considered submitting the script to a few script festivals around the Toronto area to see if I can gain notoriety or generate more interest. Since most of those cost some money to submit to, it could be taking from the hand that produces if the script doesn't get accepted. Not that I think it's bad - I've had another positive review on the script from another reader, and Carys called me a few days ago to offer her praise on the script as well.

So Step 4 is completed. Now for Step 5: Gather Crew and Costs.

...And I haven't even considered casting yet.


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