Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Late nights, early mornings

Yet another late night where I can't sleep - I've been pretty energized with a bunch of various things, and naturally film is one of those.

For starters - Dana - the special effects/compositing is finally done. Now I just need to render out a bunch of different versions, send a version off to make a trailer, and start the submission process. Of course, money will be an issue there. I've been looking into Indiegogo after receiving some good recommendations about it - and after meeting another serious London Ontario filmmaker last Sunday, it looks like there may be some legs to using it - I guess it all depends on how good of a campaign you put together. His seems to be working fairly well.

Of course, now I plan on meeting with with Jason Gray to discuss the one commonality we have in this city - filmmaking. If you've got a chance, check out his site: Liminal Arts

It's actually been quite encouraging to meet another filmmaker that's at a similar stage as I am. I have a feeling there's a lot of information we can exchange.

We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I've definitely got to start putting together some kind of press kit and promo material.

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