Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shooting rampage, part 3

So, where was I? Oh yes. Note: this is a continuation from a few weeks back.

So we finished the outdoor shoots, which I think totaled 4 or 5 shots, one of which that was ball-freezing, and involved a car-headlights and an abandoned children's playground. But it was all finished, and the crew headed home, waiting to come back for the next day and the actors (and actress) all headed out for a night on the town (I suppose), while I relaxed for a while, and finally went to bed at 1AM, shortly after the headliners came back to sleep (they were staying in my basement).

This finally ended my marathon of 40 hours without sleep, and I surprisingly handled it well (with one small hiccup where I nearly crashed in my friend's place).

The next day came, and we prepared for the shoot shortly after the crew started. However, much to my dismay, all the extras started canceling all over the place, and I was left with only 2 out of the expected 10. But in its place, the crew got together and shot the original scene with Jermaine - the first kitchen scene between Lyndon and Dustin. We were creative - again utilizing all the ghetto film techniques that worked so well the first day. In the end, we got all 16-17 shots in the pocket with little to no problems, and suddenly all we had left was the party scene.

But alas, not enough people showed for the next part, and we called it a day there. So although the day wasn't a total wash, it was still disappointing - because to this day now I've gone broke (entirely), and I've had scheduling problems for the second shoot, and it's pushed back to January. During this time I've been able to edit (which I haven't started), and now reality is kicking me in the ass, especially with a disagreement-turned-to-formal complaint against a prof in one of my courses, which will also be a fun case to take to the tribunal and the Dean... but I digress.

Long story short, since that weekend I've been bogged down with "reality." But I've embarked on other projects, namely a quick one minute film, and this weekend for my class I'm shooting two films (interelated), and some extra footage for a documentary in the future that unfortunately was pre-emptied by my upcoming University-court fight in the other course.

Wish me luck. If I come out covered in blood, then I've won.


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