Sunday, December 10, 2006

The December Pile-down

And... I'm back. School was a huge pileup after I came back from England last month, so I found myself bereft of blogging time - but that doesn't mean I haven't done anything in the meantime.

I taught myself a massive amount of Premiere over the last month. My film making course ended; I made two short films (which I'll post soon, unless someone refers me a good compression program that doesn't ruin video quality), one called "Crackers," done entirely in one take, and another called "Emperiled Hero," which makes fun of silent films, among other things. When I actually post the videos up here, and finally provide some real content for my months of rambling about it, I'll give more detailed rants about each piece. So be patient; the wait is nearly over, I promise.

Meanwhile, I'm just about ready to start the preliminary edit on Wake Up. This'll help to get my crap together and see what we have to redo, although it shouldn't be that much. Meanwhile, the second shoot date is set up for January 13 and 14 (if needed... but probably not), and hopefully everything will go smoothly, although I'm expecting a massive disaster.

Anyhow, that's really all I've got on MY filmmaking front - although the course I took did help a lot, there's still a ton of things I've got to get down. I've learned one all-important fact: I'm HORRIBLE at lighting. Let's move on.

In terms of Hollywood and professional movies, I've long been complaining at the dearth of quality pictures out there; which as led me to a dismal watching experience over the last few months. I've mostly been watching older releases or my TV crap. But my girlfriend wanted to see Happy Feet, as she loves penguins. So I obtained a copy and we watched it - I was reluctant at first, but to my surprise, the movie was actually pretty amusing, although completely making references to contemporary American issues (ie: Global Warming, Fishing problems, and Illegal Immigration). But alas; it was genuinely funny, so I can actually recommend it to those that are interested or on the fence. It's got that cutesy-tale in there, but I'd say the humour, which occasionally borders on morbid (the best kind), makes up for it.

What confuses me is the retarded people that are complaining that the characters are too 'gay.' I dunno about what drugs these people have been taking, but I saw only extremely abstract references to homosexuality throughout the course of the film - I think the protesters (see: Religious nutbags) are just TRYING to find it, so they do. Offer me solid proof that it's true, cause the majority of the arguments could easily be shot down. But enough of that crap, because those idiots will always find something wrong with anything that doesn't quote endless scripture or isn't in Jesus Camp.

Meanwhile, I'll tread on to my next watching experience, and hope to find a diamond in the rough in an otherwise severely disappointing movie year.

When does 300 come out, again?


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